Pondtown Books & Gifts is a completely family-run business that offers quality books in great condition as well as hard-to-find specialty books. We also provide unique handmade gifts such as exotic wood pens and beautiful rock slab clocks that make great gifts for those who are hard to shop for. Our #1 goal is to have happy customers by providing exceptional service.

Meet the Team

Rita MacCabe

Rita is the founder of Pondtown Books & Gifts who can’t remember a time when she didn’t like to read. She's been buyingcollecting, and reading books her entire life.

When her kids began to leave home, she filled some of her extra free time by participating in book clubs and working at the local library. Every now and then, the library sold unneeded books and many of them ended up in Rita's possession. Eventually, her collection of books grew so large that she decided to start selling them, leading to the creation of Pondtown Books & Gifts.

Bret MacCabe

Bret is the man behind the wide variety of gifts sold by Pondtown Books & Gifts. Shortly after Rita began selling books, Bret began making pens, Christmas ornaments, seam rippers, and other items out of exotic woods. His workspace began to overflow so he started selling these items as gifts alongside Rita's books so he'd have room to make more.

Bret loves to experiment with new gift ideas and is often found out in his shop designing new handmade gifts from various materials such as rock, metal, and even corn cobs.

The MacCabe's have 6 children and 4 grandchildren. They love to take family trips together especially when outdoor activities are available. Bret and Rita want to travel to Asia and Europe so that they can visit various cultural and historical sites. They love a good adventure especially when it involves trying new foods.